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Peringottukara Devasthanam is a unique Vishnumaya temple in Kerala. Dedicated to Lord Vishnumaya, the temple has been attracting devotees from all parts of India and abroad. This popularly known Kaliyuga Varada temple' is visited by thousands of devotees to redeem themselves from etheral sorrows and diseases. Increasing number of devotees testifies the greatness of Lord Kutti chathan. There is no caste, religion, colour bar. Let you be a Hindu, Non-Hindu, Non-Indian or any nationality. Here is your solution for any kind of worldly problems.
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Peringottukara Devasthanam is a shrine where hundreds of pilgrims arrive for better health, life and wealth. More...
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Prayer Guides
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Post Prasadam
Haven for Consolation & Peace for all Devoties
Suffering, loss or sorrow due to the ill- effects of Nine planets or black powers.
Estrangement from normal paths of life. and be blamed as 'Good for nothing'
When normal life is upset due to the influence of prayer by enemies or of the effect of Black powers.
Difficulty to get good marriage alliance due to the sins of previous birth or ill- effects of Divine powers.
Insecurity and fear due to ill-vision by black powers when doing a business or enterprise and insecurity due to it.
Stagnation in the life due to bad luck or ill- effects of Nine planets.
Disturbed family life.
Having no children due to the curse of fore fathers.
Not getting success in life due to the deeds of the enemies.

moolasevakaran devasthanam
In Devasthanam, Velumuthapan caused the presence of Sree Vishnumaya Swami.
Previous Devasthanathipathi
previous devasthanathipathi velukutty swamy
Velumuthapaswmikal carried out the Prathishtas in Devasthanam.
Previous Devasthanathipathi
previous Devasthanathipathi damodaran
Brahmasree Damodaran Swamikal was a great man to obtain power of penance and bestowing blessings from Lord Vishnumaya for his family and the villagers.
devasthanathipathi unni damodaran
At present Unni Damodaran is the Chief priest. Devotees who are coming from the different parts of our country take refuge in his consoling words.
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Peringottukara Devasthanam
P.O. Kizhakkummuri
Thrissur, Kerala
South India 680 571
Ph: 0487 2272240, 2272412
Mob: 9744 777 222
9744 666 222
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Success Stories
Success Stories
Many upcoming artists in various art forms find Devasthanam as cause for their respective positions in their fields of activities.
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Location Map
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