Legend Vishnumaya


Lord Vishnumaya  or Kuttichathan is akin to Sastha, Muruka or Vikhneswara but this Sivanandana (The Child of Siva) is worshiped not in common but by a special kind of devotees who need extra ordinary result. “Vishnumaya is easily pleased and humane” are the words of Devotees. Let us look into the glory of Peringottukara Kuttichathan Vishnumaya. On his way for the divine hunt Lord Siva happens to see Koolivaka, a tribal woman. She was a devotee of Goddess Parvathy.

“In the yester- birth Koolivaka tried to suckle Ganapathy. Now she is to get a chance to foster Siva’s son” Siva approached Koolivaka and asked her to be ready to be his son’s mother. Koolivaka was a devotee of Parvathy. Knowing her plight. Parvathy disguised as Koolivaka and awaited to welcome Siva. Siva and disguised Koolivaka united resulting in the birth of a cute child. Siva and Parvathy appeared in front of Koolivaka and deputed her to foster the child.

After living with Koolivaka for some years the child became mature enough to know the detail of his real parents. Then Sivanandana proceeded to the abode of Siva rode on a cute Buffaloe blowing his favorite Eezhara. When he was not allowed entrance into the abode of Siva, Sivanandana assumed the form of Vishnu. Thus Sivanandana was known as ‘Vishnumaya.’

When he was with his parents Lord Vishnumaya killed Demons like Bhringa and Jalandhara. Due to the divine deeds he had done Kuttichathan was invited to live in heaven. Lord Kuttichathan Vishnumaya said “I prefer to live on the earth with the human beings”. This deity was worshiped by Punchanellur family in North Kerala. Velumuthappan Swami who wanted to protect the village from misery did strict penance to please Being pleased Bhuvaneswary for an apt solution. Bhuvaneswary appeared before him and said “Install the idol of Vishnumaya and worship with utmost devotion” Velumuthappan did as per the advice.

One morning he got an idol of Vishnumaya from Triprayar River. He brought it to his house. Then he sought the advice of Punchanellur Family.The senior most person in the family blessed him with ‘Moolamanthra’ (The divine hymn). Velumuthappan swamy started worshiping Vishnumaya and some of his followers were chosen to be the Velichapadu of Vishnumaya cult. The shrine built by Velumuthappan Swamy has been served by 4 generations. Today the shrine has become famous as Peringottukara Devasthanam where many a devotee find solution for their problems.



Bhuvaneswary is the family goddess of the Patrons and prime –deity of the Devasthanam.The temple of this deity is at the right –side of the main temple. It was this deity that gave advice to Velu to instal the idol of Kuttichathan Vishnumaya to protect Peringottukara village. Bhuvaneswary means the goddess of the entire world. In this shrine she is the mother goddess who provides the blessing for happy married life, good marriage alliance and domestic happiness.

Important celebration for Devi Bhuvaneswary is conducted after ‘Thiravellattu.’ The festival is famous as ‘Kalamezhuthum Pattu’.It is a sacred occasion to visit the temple.


Rakshasu is another sub –deity in the temple. Rakshasu is erected in a special temple facing Bhuvaneswary Rakshasu of this temple is capable to cure any Vaasthu defects in the house and provide the well- being of the residents there. If the house is at a wrong spot it will affect the inmates. Worshipping this rakshasu will cure such defects and will bring prosperity.


It is a Holy spot where, 390 Subordinate- deities of Vishnumaya, abides here. This is situated left to the Sreekovil.This is an important spot of Power in this temple next to the power of Lord Vishumaya.Subordinating deities of Kukshikalpa is the army of Vishnumaya to protect the devotees. To retain their strength ‘Guruthy’ is done to them during Pournamy and Amavasy days .Another significance of Kukshikalpa is that it is the abode of Velu Muthappan, the pioneering devotee of Lord Vishnumaya or Kuttichathan. Devotees can feel the serenity of the spot as they visit here.


Lord Kuttichathan is desirous of getting adoration for his devotees. Shrine of former priest Damodara Swami is south to the temple of Bhuvaneswary facing north to see Lord Kuttichathan Vishnumaya. On special occasions some rituals are conducted here. The shrine is spectacular with the bronze idol of Damodara Swamikal. The shrine was blessed with the presence Brahma Sree Tharanellur Thantry, the family priest of Sabarimala and many other temples.